It is a process

It took me a while, but I think I figured out why I was having so many stutter steps and near falls. You may recall I said that I can no longer skip. I have been doing little jumps on the WBV machine since I went to therapy. But until this week, I was jumping with both feet at the same time. When I decided to jump one foot at a time, I discovered it has been my left foot doing all the work. I still can’t get my right foot off of the ground as I attempt to hop on the one foot.

This revelation led me to the conclusion, that is why I have been experiencing so many stumbles. I out of habit, always attempted to start out with my right foot! Yesterday, I made a concentrated effort to step out with my left foot first. To my delight, I found that by applying this strategy, I did not stutter step or stumble at all.

I celebrate each little victory. 🙂