define… ‘Progress’

My neurologist referred me to physical therapy. I couldn’t go until they opened up the state a little. The main focus is to improve my posture, with a variety of muscle stretches and exercises, but when I told the therapist I’d discovered I could no longer skip or even do a little hop, he showed me a machine that enables me to experience jumping again. I did three reps of thirty little jumps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yesterday, when home I attempted to jump, I was able to get a little air between my feet and the floor. 🙂

I am encouraged! Today I went to glean corn from a field. I would fill a bucket, and a brother would come along with another empty bucket to trade me. I wouldn’t have been able to lift the full bucket, but as I walked down between two rows of corn, I was able to move the bucket along, Since beginning the B-1 Thiamine therapy protocol, my balance has improved so much! And since beginning the Amantadine, my energy has been wonderful to experience. After two hours in the hot Florida sun, I was able to sit on the kitchen stool and shucked three dozen ears of corn, to prep for the freezer. Life is good.

For those PwP who are not seeing the type of improvement that I am enjoying, I thought I would share a perspective from Cory King’s blog ‘The crooked Path’ he defines “progress” as “no backward movement.” . “This ingenious technique usually works, at least partially.  As an example, it’s been used to coerce the Medicare program to continue to spend money on physical therapy for people with Parkinson’s when there is no clear evidence of improvement – as long as you’re slowing down the rate of degeneration, that’s progress”.


Making progress

I have started going to physical therapy, per my neurologists instructions. Yesterday the therapist (Mike) allowed John to come in and observe. Mike took time to explain why he was having me do each activity and instructed John on how he could assist me at home, to help me stretch the muscles and tendons which are typically drawn tight with Parkinson’s.

I have always been pretty limber and could touch my toes without bending my knees. So I never saw the benefit of stretching before exercising. But times have changed. He had me stand on a foot board which angled the foot up to a 45 degree angle, which stretched the muscles in the calf of the leg. I felt it for three days after.

Mostly, the effort is to improve my posture. And level my shoulders, because I lean to the left so much. Mike also works with me, giving me suggestions to help me remember to swing my arms and where to place my feet. He says I walk in a scissor step crossing one foot in front of the other.

I went to my primary care doctor today for him to review all of the results of the recent blood work and other tests he had ordered. He said everything looked perfect. No sugar problems, no high cholesterol, heart, thyroid, liver and kidney function are all great.

I received a bonus container of “Pure Creatine” with a mail order. A couple months ago, I decided to go to the internet to see what it was used for and was surprised to see claims that some people feel it has been helpful for PwP. I use an electrolyte drink mix recommended by my primary care doctor. To my surprise, a scoop of the Creatine added to a 12 oz bottle of electrolyte blends right in and is flavorless. So, I am using it up.

Who knows? Perhaps the Creatine will work in synergy with the StemEnhance I am taking. I can definitely report the B1 Thiamine has helped resolve my balance issues, And the Amantadine continues to provide me with unparalleled energy.




Another glimmer of hope

ps… the dilation of my esophagus went well.

In December of 2019 my friend Reg McDaniel discovered a device only available in Europe and Reg’s friend ordered one out of Germany to arrive in UT.  It’s an FDA approved class II medical device and Reg has traveled with him on many occasions and seen with his own eyes miracles occur in hours , not days, weeks or months.  
          On April 30th Reg wrote:  “I write this today because as of today it is available in the USA  and if you are interested, I will gladly share it with you.  It costs between $470 plus tax and shpg. to $2,357 if you want all the bells and whistles and that is what I chose.  There is a $49 processing fee.  For those who buy one before May 15th at midnight I can save you hundreds of dollars on the smaller packages to over $1,000 on the largest available package.  After the date of May 15th, everyone pays full price and all fees. I have seen with my own eyes in hours what I’ve seen in the past take – days, weeks and months to resolve.  If this doesn’t interest you then we’re done.  For those who want to know more then read on:”

          Reg then told me about a book, which I purchased to read on Kindle.  All I can say is wow!!  I want to experience this health promoting tool!

“The book on Amazon you can buy right now is called Resonance Therapy by Carolyn McMakin.

“In it you can read about all the diseases it has dealt with for the past 20 years with 98 %  success rate in hours vs. days weeks or months.”

I plan to obtain the device… If you read the book, you just might want to experience it for yourself.