Hospitalization Dangers Awareness

Acquire an Aware Bag, before you need to have a stay at a hospital . the link tells you how t0o get your free Aware In Care bag and what all is included in the bag

Parkinson’s Symptoms Awareness

We must place this information into the proper hands!

We must relieve the caregiver’s burden of the need to teach hospitals and first responders, especially during a difficult and stressful time.

Hospitalizations Dangers……

Parkinson’s CARE Awareness is a cause needed within the Parkinson’s community around the world. Those who CARE for those with Parkinson’s need more than the typical Parkinson’s information. They need education and support in order for them to help manage the disease and its impact, the collateral damage. These carers are often the ones who have the information and knowledge needed by the medical and pharmaceutical world.

PBH-ORG.COM’s mission, to “provide those with Parkinson’s a higher level of care”, is designed to help their care person, family, friends and community through emotional support, education and programs. Our research has shown, educated, and supported carers profoundly impact the quality of life for their husband or loved one with Parkinson’s. The simple act of removing even a small part of the stress in the caregivers life can create a more positive and healthier surrounding for the one they care for.

A shared with me by a fellow PwP

Being proactive

In my May 28th post I mentioned that I ordered a stylish Helmet/hat.

I wore the helmet hat to two graduations. Then, when I was going into the hospital to check on a sister I minister to, having received a message that she had fallen and was being admitted to the hospital, I didn’t think to wear the helmet.

As I was going toward the front entrance I stubbed my toe on a rise in the cement, and scared a lot of people, including myself. But the Lord blessed me, because I was enabled to regain my balance with some fast foot work. I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty dance, because several people asked me if I was alright.

As I was falling forward, I thought, “I’m going to faceplant on the cement and I should have w0rn my helmet!” Thankfully disaster was averted. As I have been consuming the New Eden twice a day, I have noticed when I am walking about, my arms have begun to swing, like a non-Parkinsonian’s arms would swing . Whereas, with typical Parkinson’s symptom, previously my arms had hung down at my sides when I walked with no swing at all. I have to assume it has also been enabling me to move my feet faster, thus righting my error.