Quality of life

 I wrote the first four Paragraphs in ” italics“on Nov 19th.  I had probably been using the New Eden for at least 5 months.

        “I wanted to tell you about what I am using and the impact it has made in my life.  I had purchased a helmet to protect my head as I had continued to fall.  But I forgot to put it on before going to the hospital to visit a sister who had fallen and injured her back.  As I was stepping from the curb onto the sidewalk, I didn’t get my foot raised quite high enough, causing me to stumble. The thought flashed through my mind..(You didn’t put the helmet on and now you are going to face plant on the cement.)  But miraculously, I was able to move my feet quickly enough that I was enabled to recover my footing.  I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty dance, as several people came to make sure I was ok.  I attributed my rescue to be by the grace of God and the improved comprehensive nutrition of the New Eden product I had begun to consume. ”      

    “The next week, I was feeling so good, I was working outside and decided to pull a hose around to water an Angel Trumpet Bush… and as I was pulling hard, the hose snagged on something and it stopped me so suddenly that it caused me to fall backwards.  Thankfully, I had the helmet on, because I hit the cement statue of a child holding a fishing pole, so hard that I dislodged the pedestal from the soil and knocked the child off of the pedestal.  Although my shoulder was sore and where the cement had struck my spine was bruised and swollen,by the third day, the pain was all gone, the swelling had receded and it was as if it had never happened.  Again I thanked the Lord for leading me to this more comprehensive nutrition. ”        

As you probably know, people with Parkinson’s frequently cease to swing their arms as they walk.  Mine would just hang at my side.  But in about the last month I have noticed the swing has returned to my arms when I am going into a store or even around the house or going from house to car.   Again, the only thing I have added to my regime in the last little while is the more comprehensive nutrition. “

Also, my  voice has been terribly weak, and I have a friend who is hard of hearing,  When she called me on the phone this week, she said;  “You are speaking louder !  And I noticed that the last time we were together, I could hear you better !”  What can I say, but Thank you for the tool of more comprehensive nutrition.”   

On Jan 16th I added: The LuminAloe (see explanation in following paragraph) has recently been released.  John and I are about through our second tub of the product.  Since using it, I havent had any more falls, and my gag reflex has returned.  John serves in the temple every Thursday and his knee hurt so bad he had resorted to using the elevator more than not.  He reported to me that he went down two flights of stairs and was amazed that there was no knee pain.    I am looking forward to when I can cease to drool.”

The abreviated version:… Dr Reg McDaniel became acquainted with a product derived from Aloe and subsequently traveled all over the world, documenting how beneicial it was. When the FDA shut the company down, because some of the distributers were making claims that people were being healed, Dr. McDaniel improved the formula, creating a product known as New Eden, marketing it by word of mouth and radio. When his son, Reg Jr., partnered with an accomplished msrketing person, they Invited Dr. McDaniel to creat a new formulation. Dr. McDaniel, having continued his research knew of five additional ingredients he’d wanted to add. Thus was created the Q800+, named for the over 800 ailments that they have documented the previous products have reduced symptoms, by providing More Comprehensive Nutrition (MCN). But after the first batch was completed, thy have chosen from here on out they will call it by it’s primary ingredient… LuminAloe™ . Doctor McDaniel states: “This formula has a higher % of the LuminAloe™ than the previous products.” + “This last formula is themcn best yet.”

Jan 23rd

My husband has an abnormal blood clotting issue blockage in the deep veins in his legs. We have been told it is a genetic defect, which results in episodes of abnormal blood clotting. usually in the deep veins of the leg. But one of our sons who inheritrd the same defect has had clots form in his lungs. And there is always the fear of a clot breaking free and resuting in a stroke.

My husband has not used as much of the product as I have, because he wanted my cannister to last for me. But since receiving and consuming the Q800+/LuminAloe™ His blood tests have indicated his blood was too thin. So’ in two weeks and the second blood test was even thinner, the medical personnel had him reduce his medication which had been keeping his blood at a therapeutic level. Yea!! I’ll be so happy if we can get him weaned off of the prescription through More Comprehensive Nutrition.

Dr. McDaniel shares that even genetic abnormalties may be reversed because all of the nutrition coupled with the LuminAloe™ gets down to the cellular level and the DNA.

Two weeks earlier a lab drew my blood samples This past Tuesday I met with my PC Doctor to review the lab results. Before he had looked at the results, I told him I had begun using this new product. He asked me what it was, I explained a little bit and told him my arms have begun to swing again! This was a pretty big deal. Then, as he looked at the results, across the board all of the numbers had moved to the optimal range. When he got to cholesterol, he said “Wow! That Cholesterl Care I’ve had you taking must have really kicked in! Your bad cholesterol has gone way down… and your good colesterol has gone way up!” To which I responded, “Or it could be the more comprehensive nutrition I have been using, because you’ve had me on that product for quite awhile.” He proceeded to look at the rest of the report, and then said, “I’d like to know more about the supplement. If it can do that for you, maybe it can help some of my other patients!”

I have an appointment on Tuesday this next week, to share more information with him He is a wholeistic physician, who makes the products he recommends to his patients, available to them.