Hugs n elbow bumps

I acquired the New Eden which I mentioned in a previous post and for the first month I used 1 scoop twice a day. Then I learned that I was taking a maintenance serving, and I should increase the amount I consumed if I had a health challenge, IF I wanted to see noticeable improvement towards normal. So I doubled up 2 scoops twice or thrice a day since then.

Then several weeks ago, I had a fall. I was pulling a hose across the front of the home when the hose snagged. I was feeling so well, I guess I was going faster than I should, because when the hose snagged, suddenly stopping me, I fell backwards and struck my back and my spine high between my shoulder blades on a cement boy sitting on a pedestal, dislodging it from the soil. I expected to have some massive bruising. I credit the new product with the fact that I had very mild bruising and the soreness and puffiness was totally gone from my spine a short 4 or 5 days after I fell.

A fellow PD friend on a Parkinson’s chat page posted a photo of herself wearing her head gear ; stating that she has fallen so many times, breaking an arm once. She knew it is just a matter of time before she hits her head on something as she is falling, so she decided to be proactive. The cap she was modeling made me think of an early day leather flight helmet.

After my encounter with the stone figurine I decided to go on line and search for protective head wear, hoping to find something a bit more attractive. RibCap is the company I found that I felt had the most attractive helmets. I saw two styles that I liked. One looks like a knitted stocking cap…. Much to warm for our Florida heat. The other one Looks like a base ball cap.. so I thought it would be a wiser selection But when I went back to the site, thinking I might order one, I stumbled onto a third style set to be coming available on April 30th and I thought it looked more like something I would wear in the garden, so I ordered one. But I had to wait because, due to Covid, they had not been able to acquire some of the material they need to be able to produce the helmets

I’ve had a couple more falls since I placed the order… nothing more than my dignity broken… but I received notice that my hat has left Belgium and my hat/helmet should be here by 4th of June. Maybe I’ll share a photo with me modeling it.

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On a Quest…

   I have been on a quest to find healthy alternatives for therapy.  And I feel pretty confident that Ascend Sciences is going to be providing products that hold a lot of promise.  But I’d like to know what other people think of them, too, so I’d really appreciate it if you could look at it and listen to the links in this blog post and then let me know what you think.’

   I typed in a previous post about the microcurrent Frequencies that will be in the Curie™ Unit. I read a book called The Resonance Effect — Frequency Specific Microcurrent. She explained how there are different frequencies in the air which carry sound waves and light waves from  the station into your home… and  the key fob sends a frequency to unlock a person’s car…   Likewise our bodies have unique frequencies.  Additionally each cell has its own frequency, so like switching TV channel, the technology has been refined to introduce microcurrents into the body with specific frequencies enabling a person to find relief from pain and optimize their restoration to health.    

        Then I learned about a nutritional supplement that my body has responded to, very well, but it was pretty expensive. please listen to the interview]   Then a cool thing happened.  I learned that Dr. Reg McDaniel’s son (also Reg McDaniel Jr.).has pooled resources with his friends and is putting a new company together.  Dr. Reg McDaniel has made some changes to the formula making an even better version,  Q800+ TM . and with their five million dollar business plan allows them to obtain the key ingredients from the same providers that were in the original product at significantly lower rates.  Whereas Dr. McDaniels has been selling his product by word of mouth, through a radio show in Texas, Reg has a different marketing approach.  So I will be enabled to obtain my product for a much better price .. 

They are having zoom meetings every Thursday at 7o’clock in Utah (9 at night in FL)  If you are interested in knowing more and want to share this opportunity with someone else, go for it   To receive the zoom link, just go to the Pre Purchase page on the website and put in your name and email and submit it and you will receive a confirmation email. and you may expect an email the next Wednesday from Ascend Sciences inviting you to log into the zoom meeting on Thursday by clicking on the provided link.

.For an invitation to enroll, please email me and I will be glad to assist you . There is no fee for enrolling during pre-launch. After launch people will be required to pay $35. sign up fee.

At the last meeting I attended, Dr. McDaniel spoke about some of the ingredients in the Q800+  Very informative..  The product is slightly sweet and easy to consume.  The 800 is in reference to the fact that this product has been verified to improve over 800 deviations from normal. i.e. Optimal health.