survival guide

I had an experience today… last Monday. (I thought I posted this , guess I was suffering the effects of my oops a bit longer than I realized) I’m a survivor, and I am sure better days are ahead.

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Bottom line? when the pharmacy fills your script, keep the lights on brightly when you fill your pill sorters! The neurologist has me on a strict time table which requires me to set the alarm to go off at 3 a.m. & 7 a.m. I have the pills set on the nightstand along with the required water. I noticed the shape of the pill had changed, but confirmed it was the correct one. What I failed to notice was the new shape was identical to another prescription medication which helps me relax to sleep. There is also a slight difference in color. Although it is an anti-seizure medication, I call it my sleep-aid. I only take 1/2 tablet per night.

You probably guessed what I did? Yep, instead of 1/2 tablet I took three whole sleep-aids. That is six times what works for me! I will be OK. But I have been VERY unsteady on my feet today Monday. I have recently been humbled to depend on the aid of a cane for stability. But today Monday? I was grateful for my husband’s wheel chair and a dear neighbor who rolled me through the line, enabling me to mail the Christmas packages.

I rarely nap… but today after the PO…I didn’t wake to stay up till nearly 7 p.m.

Eeyore … still gets invited :)

At 5:30 yesterday morning, as I made my way into the bathroom, I had my first floor smacking fall. Weird thing to me was I had no realization that I was going down. But I knew when the back of my head slammed into the floor. Only obvious damage was a broken fingernail. My ego also took a hit. John pulled his cane out, instructing me to use it.

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I startled John several times during the day… when the cane came crashing to the floor. It is even more unstable than I am! This brings me to my Christmas wish list. If I am to use a cane, I’d like it to be a free standing cane instead of a stick I have to lean against things when I’m not pressing it into service. A search of the internet suggests the HurryCane. And while I’m suggesting to my children… can it be a light color? Not black or dark brown?