The Journey Has Begun…

 I can’t say with any certainty when it began. 

     As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, firm in the faith, I understood none of us are exempt from trials that will test us.  But I also knew many of our trials are a consequence of prior bad choices.  Because I was born with a strong healthy constitution and had a health conscious life style, complete with nutritional supplements, herbs & essential oils I felt like a candidate for one who could live to witness the second coming of Christ.

     John & I raised ten children of our own, and as circumstances permitted we were professional parents to numerous special needs young people, then for nearly 16 years we operated a licensed Family Group child care in our home.  We lived on an acre of land and had an amazing garden and all sorts of fruit trees and berries.  I felt like my life style afforded me all the exercise I needed.

In the spring of 2015, I noticed it was difficult to move around in the cherry tree while picking.  But when I climbed into the apple tree to string lights for our youngest daughter’s wedding reception in June of 2015… I knew my days of tree climbing were over.

      After moving to Lady Lake, I transitioned to a holistic Dr. stating I had lots of abnormal symptoms. None, by themselves were serious, but I wondered if together they might be indicative of a bigger problem? April 30th 2018, by process of elimination and observation, Dr.Kraucak determined my diagnosis to be Parkinson’s Disease. For me, having a name meant I no longer needed to wonder why I had such a soft voice and drooling, why my hands were so weak, while playing family games, I couldn’t hold cards to shuffle and my handwriting was so small and unintelligible. A name meant I now understood why I felt like my feet struggled to keep up with my head and I couldn’t balance enough to participate in a water exercise class, etc..

  It has taken NINE months since I received the name to target my research efforts… but now I am ready to begin to blog.


I am DELIGHTED to have you here. If you haven’t done so already, please browse the website to learn more.  I will try to make it easy for you, by linking my blog entries to the INDEX page,to facilitate your search for specific topics.  

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      I have already learned so much on this journey with Parkinson’s disease. I saw a blog called Parkinstand hosted by a lovely African lady seeking to locate other people of African ethnicity.  I was prompted to create a forum where people of my faith could share their experiences to strengthen one another.

I can’t wait to share all that, and more, with you!

Stay tuned.



I have a friend who has been given a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. She asked me a week ago, if I was having any trouble with my legs being stiff? She complained that her legs were getting so stiff, she was really struggling to keep going. I thought about it, and told her, “No, My feet swell a little bit in the Evening, but I am not at all stiff.

then during the week as I was thinking about it, I recognized I had been stiff… previously. They say we should write down how we are feeling when we begin to use the LuminAloe, because we may not recognize as we are improving because the normalizing of health takes place over time. As I was pondering her stiffness during the week, it dawned on me that I had been stiff. I had felt so stiff in 2021, I had resorted to using a toilet seat riser, to make sitting down easier, and stop falling onto the commode. Then In October my daughters gave me a bidet to help me avoid UTI’s and I had to remove the six inch lift. At that point in time, it was difficult to sit gracefully. Due to stiffness, it was more like I would fall on. So, gradually, without noticing, the stiffness has left me. I have even been able to weed the flower bed and plant some pineapple plants.

So, this week I told my friend, when she told me she feels like her legs felt like they are loaded with cement… I told her I believe it is the more comprehensive nutrition that I have been consuming that made the difference for me.

I am trully grateful for awesome nutrition !!!

As requested

A caregiver of a PwP asked for me to address prisim lenses. Somehow I acquired a resource guide, put out by “Neuro Challenge” foundation for Parkinson’s. I found an item on page 35.. ‘Eyesight and PD’ and I quote:

“Parkinson’s disease can have profound effects on the eyes that can result in a significant decrease in a person’s quality of life…. the lossof the ability to read, watch TV, or even just see the environment can be a more devistating side effect….”

Blepharospams are forceful closures of the eyelids and are a common problem in PD patients. Besides making it hard to see since the lids are closing a lot, it can be very hard to get medicationsinto the eye. The spasms can be treated with injections of medications (ex. Botox) into the eyelids to reduce the spasms.”

Dry Eyes are a very common problem in PD patients. The dryness is usually from a combination of decreased blinking, decreased tear production, and the eyelids not being in proper position……. If artificial tears do not take care of the problem, prescription eye drops, punctual plugs, or even eyelid surgery can help improve the tear film.” ( I personally have had the eyelid surgery, where they implant something into the lower lid, leaving less of the eyeball exposed.)

Double vision, especially when reading is another common complaint.This can be from changes in the eye causing the light to split and images to appear double, or from a misalignment of the eyes giving different images to the brain. Sometimes the treatment can be prisms in the glasses. Other options include Botoxto the eye muscles or strabismus surgery to improve alignment.”

I wanted to redirecct you to a prervious post I typed about when I first learned about Prism Lenses.

Another Benefit

Since my diagnosis with Parkinson’s, I have struggled with my vision. It became impossible to text with my cell phone, because I simply couldn’t focus to see to hit the appropriate keys. That is when I learned about prism prescription glasses. They have been such a blessing, and they continue to be necessary for me to type my message to you here. But Something happened that tells me my eyes are improving. Where I volunteer each Thursday, there are some words posted on a wall, and I have needed to wear the prism lens in order to read it. But this past week, I couldn’t read the words with my prism glasses on, but was able to see the words when I removed the glasses. There has deffinitely been a change in my vision, for the better. I attribute the improvement in my vision to the more comprehensive nutrition of LuminAloe.

Scroll down to learn about the other ingredients included in the formulation https://ascendsciences.net/luminaloe/


I found the following in my drafts… I never sent it:

“.. i closed mthe kisik down without ever getting my order on it’s way.  I need to know how to delete a shoe mfrom an order… I guess I’m, technically challenged..

i tried to take advantage of the Cyber Monday code.  I attempted to sign in, and foound I didn’t remember my password.  so I typed in my gmail address. clicked on forgot password///   But THe email with the code wouldn’t work  Please, will I be able to get a pair of the shoes at the black Friday cclass, bedcause the chat wasn’t manned for the weekend.–

PS… I have Parkinsons and my fingers bounce on the wrong keys and I frequently hit the wrong key causing great frustration..”

As I reviewed my typing it brought to mind , i recalled a previous post:


Still true today

💜 I copied the following out of the villages Parkinson support Group Newsletter.

MLK DAY January 16th, 2023    
We often look to the “Parkinson Experts” for inspiration.  But perhaps we can find inspiration in the words of the late Martin Luther King, Jr which interestingly enough can apply to our Parkinson’s journey! 

“Flexibility, persistence, and re-evaluatiing the name of the game.  If you can’t do one thing (perhaps something you have ALWAYS done) then find something you CAN DO – and find a way “to keep moving forward !”

Secret Code

What I don’t plan to keep secret is how I feel about LuminAloe. I believe it is improving my health and quality of life at the cellular level. Rather than writing out all the ways I see my life being impacted, I’d like to refer you to the Transparency page, at the top of each post, where I update my progress. So to see the improvements, you would need to scroll back and read it in reverse from …………….. to …………….. or look for the dates of each entry.

Opportunity to participate

I f You (or someone you know) have a speech impediment that makes it difficult to be understood, THIS is FOR YOU

Systems don’t always work as well for people with atypical speech. By personalizing its speech recognition to the individual, Project Relate seeks to improve everyday life for people with speech impairments.

Project Relate is a continuation of years of research from both Google’s Speech and Research teams, made possible by over a million speech samples recorded by over a thousand individuals. We welcome new trusted testers to experience the app and provide feedback. Express interest at g.co/ProjectRelate.

(I have cut and pasted the form, so you can seethe qualifications required to participate )

Google Project Relate Interest Form

You are signing up to be included in a beta research app release of Google’s Project Relate.

Project Relate can be trained to understand your specific speech, if you provide it with examples of you talking. Project Relate needs at least 500 phrases to be trained; most people need 1-2 hours, which can be spread over multiple sessions, to complete their 500 phrases. You will need an Android phone (e.g. Pixel, Samsung, OnePlus) running Android OS 8 or later to be able to use the app.

We value your thoughts and feedback. When you submit your feedback to Google, we will determine your eligibility (based on certain compliance and legal considerations) for either a cash or other non-cash incentive, up to $60 or local currency equivalent.

IMPORTANT: If you’re filling out this form on behalf of someone else, please ensure you have their permission to do so.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to verify your eligibility to download and use Google’s Project Relate app. The data you provide in the app and this form may be used to assist Google to design, research, develop, build, and improve the accessibility of its current and future products and services related to speech technologies. Information you provide in this questionnaire may be combined with other information and data that you chose to provide during the data collection, if you are selected to participate.

Questions? Write us anytime at project-relate@google.com

  • Strangers or people I just met find it difficult to understand my speech (and not just because of an accent).
  • I am 18 years of age or over
  • I have access to an Android mobile device, running Android OS 8 or later, to download the Relate app
  • I understand I need to record at least 500 phrases (which can take anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes) in order to train Project Relate to understand me and that new features of the app that are unlocked by these recordings may take a few days to receive.
  • I understand that even after recording 500 phrases, Project Relate may still not understand me perfectly.
  • I understand I will need to record each phrase word-for-word in order to teach Relate to understand me. If I don’t say exactly what is written, Relate may not work as well. If I make a mistake, I can re-record the prompt.
  • I understand that the phrases I record will also be used to help improve Google’s speech technologies and the products and services that use them.
  • I understand that Project Relate is for English speakers only at this time.

You must confirm agreement with all the listed criteria to participate