Bone Broth

     From the GAPS diet I see the benefits of bone broth and sauerkraut. Fermented asparagus, pickled yellow peppers, green olives, etc… which can both be incorporated in the  Keto-Alkaline Diet. which suggests the Alkaline Elixir recipe: six ounces of water, 1 teaspoon Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon Lemon juice, and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda.

Quite some time ago.. maybe ten years ago, I took John to a NUCCA Chiropractor in Salt Lake City and John’s body responded fantastic results. When I began my research to learn about Parkinson’s I looked to learn from professionals we had previously benefited from, THUS I sought advice from Dr. Jack Stockwell. He told me about the gut brain connection. (see podcast link)   . Dr. Jack Stockwell on Gut Health

Jack & his wife, Mary, do the podcasts together. What follows is the instructions Mary provided, telling us how she makes her bone broth. It is so contrary to the way I had cooked. I always skinned the chicken, trimmed off the fat. and when boiling a chicken, I’d refrigerate it and then discard the fat which had solidified. Now, I boil it all…and sort out all the skin, fat, cartilage & ligaments to blend in my Vitamix and then restore to the broth.

I soak my raw chicken in water with 1/2 c vinegar for an hour. Then I drain it and follow ‘Mary’s Directions’

“…………..Add an onion, a generous amount of garlic, 1 Tblsp Sea Salt & ground peppercorns to the chicken and enough filtered/distilled water to cover the chicken. Bring it to a boil. Continue to simmer 2 to 2.5 hours or until the chicken isn’t pink anymore.

Remove the chicken & bones to a separate bowl, and strain the stock to remove small bones and peppercorns and put stock back into the cooking pot.

Separate the chicken meat from the bones and set aside.

Remove all the soft tissues from the bones as best as you can to a separate plate. Soft tissues is basically anything “soft” that could be blended. i.e., skin, ligaments, cartilage, etc. Also cooking the gelatinous soft pieces for a longer cooking period will cause them to completely melt. Take care you do not include any pieces of bone or hard pieces as you will cause the texture to become grainy which can be unpalatable. Then blend up these soft pieces and add them back to the soup__it will make it creamy looking.

If you did not get the chicken cut uo by the butcher, now is the time to remove bone marrow from bones while they are warm. For chicken bones this would be accomplishedby cracking open the leg bones and thigh bones with pliers. If they are cooked long enouh, they will simply snap in your fingers, or crumble.

Put the broken chicken bones with the exposed marrow back into the filtered broth. Add a little vinegar and cook awhile longer to leach out all the minerals and nutrients.

Strain this broth with a fine sieve. Add the meat back in and warm up to a good soup temperature and enjoy! If you would like to add vegetables __ when you are on full GAPS diet__do it in the last half hour of cooking. /cook them until they are very soft”

[Sue typing now] I like to divide the broth into pint jars and put lids on them, before refrigerating. And since I am on the Keto diet and I can get away with it, I add a Tblsp. of butter to each pint… all ready to warm up to have whenever I choose. Yum.

Quest for more than balance … Harmony

     My niece, Wendy Andrews, once taught me a principle which I would like to share with you.      She suggested we should replace our goal of becoming balanced, to a goal to create a life of harmony.  She explained:

     When two or more objects are equal… and placed on a balance scale, you observe balance.  Then what?  What does that balance create?  Does it now become stagnant, unmoving or dead in it’s desire to continue to progress?  We may have the goal to stay balanced, but for how long, before one will become bored?


     Now, imagine the same orchestra… but there are many small groups playing many different kinds of instruments.  Within those small groups, are smaller groups who have different parts to be played at different times and with different intensity levels.  Then, all those groups play a musical piece together.  If done correctly, you have harmony.  If not all are looking at and following the conductor, or are not on the same page of the musical piece, or didn’t practice for many hours individually, and together, you could have much disharmony. 

     Imagine an orchestra where all the instrumentalists played the same instrument, and played the same note, at the same intensity and at the same time.  That would be boring… but it would be balanced.

     Does harmony ever become stagnant and boring?  I would suggest… NO.  In harmony, you are constantly changing your role in creating that harmony from moment to moment.

     We are each like prized instruments.  There is no one else exactly like you.  You were lovingly made by your Creator, and He made you so unique…

  There is no way anyone could ever put a price on your worth, your value and your abilities.

     In your life, you are constantly creating a musical piece.  You practice individually, and you practice with different groups.  One group may be your family with whom you currently live… or your extended family, close friends, or acquaintances at school.  It may be peers in your career…  peers who share hobby interests, civic concerns, health concerns or religious values.  Each contributes to the song. Each has a different harmony.  Your part in each association is different, but never the less, important.  Without your part the song wouldn’t be the same beautiful song that it has the potential to be.  The more you practice, the more beautiful the song becomes.  Some times the tempo changes.  Sometimes two songs are combined… and rarely is a song ever perfected.  It just has the potential for perfection.

The possibilities for harmonizing are endless… What is the name we call this song, as we live the musical piece?  We call it… ‘LIFE.’     

  Over the past years, John and I have been on a quest to find solutions to puzzling health challenges for our family.  We want to share what we have learned

Favorite Keto Recipe … Almond Bread

Almond Bread.. Dairy free, gluten free, grain free, sugar free… low carb

Ingredients… I combine in my Vitamix 3 Cups Almonds…. (raw, unsalted) 3 Cups water… (preferably filtered) 6 Egg yolks… (save the whites; you will whip them and fold in for lightness) 1/2 Cup coconut oil

Whip… the 6 Egg whites… (till forms peaks) [in a Large metal or glass bowl] Combine and fold into egg whites: 1/4 Cup Chia seeds . 1/4 Cup Psyllium husk . 4 tsp baking powder . 1 tsp salt (or to taste)

Pour almond mixture onto egg white mixture and FOLD together.

Pour into 5 or 6 small loaf pans… or two large loaf tins… . lined with parchment paper Bake at 350F for approx. an hour.. depending on loaf sizes. Till toothpick comes out clean. It appears some ovens require a longer cooking time, so please be guided by your oven.

Tools I Use

When I started the Keto diet, I used the chronometer app to aid me in my meal planning. But I wondered how I could tell when I was in Ketosis. You can pay a lot for a breathalizer… but I found one on line through the HouseofKeto. It gives me the peace of mind, to know I haven’t errored and fallen out of Ketosis.

When I chose to refine my diet a little, to the Keto-Alkaline diet, I ordered Keto-ph Urine Reagent Strips through Dr. Anna Cabeca’s website.

For the Keto diet, I created a yummy bread recipie. I had a 50 lb. supply of almonds in my food storage, but processing through my wheat grinder just gummed it up. I had a really good blender..(I thought) But I burned up the motor while making the third batch of Almond bread. So I now have a powerful Vitamix processor. [I’ll share the recipe in another post]

I have found when I get up in the night to relieve myself, I am stiff enough that sitting was more like falling on. A Raised Toilet Seat has simplified my task and improved my comfort.

We now have an Infrared Sauna in our shed behind the home. [I am so glad we live in Florida] I cut & paste from a web site… .

“Observations from our research studies indicate that, far infrared rays provide energy to the body, improve the autonomic functions of the nervous system, restore the functions of the endocrine system, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and increase the level of oxygen in the cells and promote the regeneration of muscle cells, nerves and brain cells.

It is hereby postulated that irradiation using far infrared, with wavelength between 5 to 20 microns, of the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the whole body could prevent, control, manage or possibly lead to complete rehabilitation of people who have Parkinson’s Disease


My exercise aids consist of a Whole Body Vibration machine. [I’ll share benefits and my routine in a future post} Online exercise videos w/ walking sticks, 2 lb weights and a ball. And I am now the proud user of a tandem bicycle / Rhoades Car. Since it has a solar powered power assist, my riding partners don’t get worn out trying to get up the little hills. [Chris, the owner of the company, is an honorary member of my Wolfpack, He sends his support, offering a 25% discount to anyone purchasing a Rhoades Car if they give him my name… Sue Rosier or code #1084] What follows is from his Blog:

Special Needs & Rhoades Car

Don’t you love it when you create something and it ends up providing a new solution in addition to what you originally created it for?  Or when you finish a project and you look back and see how rewarding it was to see the fruit it produced?  As we’ve seen Rhoades Car move into different markets and offer a healthier lifestyle to individuals, families, and work-style to corporations, we’ve also seen how it can help and increase a positive outlook on life with young and old individuals with all different types of special needs.  It’s the most rewarding feeling when you get to hear from family members or parents of how a Rhoades Car has or could really help their special needs family member either get outdoors more and/or feel like they’re actually contributing to an activity with others.

With four wheels, two seats, and the open road, everyone can enjoy it.  It shouldn’t matter if you have something physically holding you back, you deserve some excitement and enjoyment on the road.  Rhoades Cars have a unique experience that allow you to ride on a stable quadricycle, sit on a comfortable seat, and either participate in the pedaling or not, it’s totally up to you.  Rhoades Cars also can be customized the person’s special needs to help them better enjoy and participate.  We recently had a customer request to have foot straps on the passenger’s right side as well as a seat belt.  This particular customer’s wife had had a stroke and they were both eager to get back out together and exercise.  Since they were both once avid cyclists, this was the best way for them to get back to an activity they enjoyed and could do it together.  That’s where we love to be able to customize is when a customer has a specific need, we have a specific answer.

As we’ve noted in a recent blog, one very important advantage Rhoades Cars have is the side-by-side seating.  Much different than a tandem experience, with our recumbent seating style, you really get to sit comfortably while engaging in communication with the person next to you.  It’s very similar to a vehicle so it combines the cycling experience of pedals with the seating experience of a car.

A few weeks ago we shipped a custom-made Rhoades Car to a developmental achievement center which specializes in helping adults with disabilities become as independent as possible.  This particle model had a specialized trailer on it with stable foot plates (and foot straps),a swivel seat, and a seat belt.  Since some of their adults could not participate in the cycling aspect, this allows them to go on the ride with others and still be able to enjoy the outdoors with everyone else in a stable and comfortable manner.  The trailer was specifically for someone to enjoy a ride outdoors and be able to take in the sights and sounds of nature during a ride.  We also have customers who suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, where their Rhoades Car has tremendously changed not only their outlook on life, but in some ways increased their quality of living.

Rhoades Car’s owner, Chris Spann, has a special place in his heart for helping those with special needs or physical illness.  The former owner, William suffered a brain-stem stroke in December of 2006.  “If I could have had a Rhoades Car during my recovery, to enjoy time with my wife and kids, it would have been a game-changer.”  This was a strong feeling that contributed to Mr. Horton’s drive behind purchasing the company in 2015.  That same feeling and want to help those who may be suffering from various hardships, continues through Rhoades Cars today.

We have numerous customers and inquiries every week from parents who are interested in providing a better atmosphere for their kids.  From autistic to blind or vision-impaired to down syndrome, a Rhoades Car allows them to participate in a healthy and fun cycling exercise and depending on their level of engagement, can actually pedal or steer the bike.  Nothing else allows them the freedom to enjoy time with others outdoors AND get a great exercise.

We love hearing these stories from our customers.  We realize what we get to do is make a product that not only brings joy to so many for being able to be just like everyone else, but it brings back a simple pleasure that so many of us take for granted everyday, which is being able to enjoy being around the people we enjoy and love the most.  Whether it’s a family member with special needs or someone who has suffered from a life-altering disease or illness, we enjoy providing a customized product that helps fight against the mental and physical hardships that come with special needs and disabilities.  Here at Rhoades Car we consider it a privilege to partner with families and individuals to help bring smiles and joy to everyone, no matter what life throws at them.

Be Transformed

I met Omotola through ‘The Invigorated Community’ … an online community for Parkies and their care givers. I loved her post.

Imagine you are a caterpillar. Imagine going through the most difficult and transformative period of your life where your body releases enzymes that break down and dissolve  your own body parts, and then reconstitutes them into new parts.

Now, imagine you survived that painful and grueling process, and you are now waiting patiently inside your chrysalis. As you wait, you observe others who went through a similar process, emerge from their chrysalises with stunning wings. You smile, knowing that in a matter of days, all the pain you endured would be worthwhile because you too will emerge with wings and finally fly.

The day is finally here! You are free from the confinement that tortured you and held you prisoner. You hurriedly exit and run to the nearest mirror to observe the color of your wings, and to your ABSOLUTE HORROR, your reflection reveals you haven’t changed, you are still a caterpillar – an old, angry, wrinkled caterpillar. What an atrocity!

As unfair as it seems, the same atrocity is likely to befall those of us who believe that for our circumstances to change, everything and everyone around us must first change. We fail to realize that inside the chrysalis (i.e. our struggles), the change that bears the most consequence is that of the caterpillar (i.e. us). As a result, we are unwilling to release the enzymes that could possibly break down our dogged philosophies, fixed mindsets, and preconceived notions. We stay bitter, jealous, unforgiving, unyielding and angry, forgetting that the window of opportunity for radical transformation could shut at any time.\

Don’t just go through adversity, allow yourself to be transformed through it… only then, can you emerge with wings.

Thank you, Omotola, for your words of inspiration

The Journey Has Begun…

 I can’t say with any certainty when it began. 

     As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, firm in the faith, I understood none of us are exempt from trials that will test us.  But I also knew many of our trials are a consequence of prior bad choices.  Because I was born with a strong healthy constitution and had a health conscious life style, complete with nutritional supplements, herbs & essential oils I felt like a candidate for one who could live to witness the second coming of Christ.

     John & I raised ten children of our own, and as circumstances permitted we were professional parents to numerous special needs young people, then for nearly 16 years we operated a licensed Family Group child care in our home.  We lived on an acre of land and had an amazing garden and all sorts of fruit trees and berries.  I felt like my life style afforded me all the exercise I needed.

In the spring of 2015, I noticed it was difficult to move around in the cherry tree while picking.  But when I climbed into the apple tree to string lights for our youngest daughter’s wedding reception in June of 2015… I knew my days of tree climbing were over.

      After moving to Lady Lake, I transitioned to a holistic Dr. stating I had lots of abnormal symptoms. None, by themselves were serious, but I wondered if together they might be indicative of a bigger problem? April 30th 2018, by process of elimination and observation, Dr.Kraucak determined my diagnosis to be Parkinson’s Disease. For me, having a name meant I no longer needed to wonder why I had such a soft voice and drooling, why my hands were so weak, while playing family games, I couldn’t hold cards to shuffle and my handwriting was so small and unintelligible. A name meant I now understood why I felt like my feet struggled to keep up with my head and I couldn’t balance enough to participate in a water exercise class, etc..

  It has taken NINE months since I received the name to target my research efforts… but now I am ready to begin to blog.


I am DELIGHTED to have you here. If you haven’t done so already, please browse the website to learn more.  I will try to make it easy for you, by linking my blog entries to the INDEX page,to facilitate your search for specific topics.  

Don’t forget to click on FOLLOW so you stay up to date on additional new content!

      I have already learned so much on this journey with Parkinson’s disease. I saw a blog called Parkinstand hosted by a lovely African lady seeking to locate other people of African ethnicity.  I was prompted to create a forum where people of my faith could share their experiences to strengthen one another.

I can’t wait to share all that, and more, with you!

Stay tuned.