Micrographia and more

I always wrote small… but without added concentration and effort, my handwriting had become unintelligible and even smaller.

The weakness in a person’s hands not only impacts handwriting, but proves equally difficult to open bottles, shuffle cards, operate a hand held can opener, etc…

Besides the exercises in the YouTube link for flexibility and strength,

I tried the exercise as described in a post (see below)… and have taken a sampling of my handwriting, before and after.

“crazy hand and arm exercise” Bend your elbows with hands in front of shoulders. Vigorously shoot your hands and arms in front of you as if you are flinging water off your hands, with fingers stretched wide as you can. Do this ten times as fast as you can…then write your name. Try it…before and after. Learned it in PT. I do this plus vigorous arm swinging, alternating sides in order to get my bra on, lol.

I wrote, did ten hand flings… and did the second writing, did an additional 10 flings… and saw additional clarity. 🙂