Time Sensitive invitation

I have noticed every since I began taking the Amantadine, in April of 2020, I find myself humming… a LOT… when I am working in the kitchen, or in the garden, or doing my fast walking or strolling through the grocery isles (wearing a mask and social distancing, of course).

I feel like my voice is stronger than it was before I began the humming. But I can’t be certain it is just the humming that triggered the improvement, because I have faithfully been taking the High doses of B1 Thiamine since February of 2020. My mentor in the B1 therapy told me as she has continued, to take it, all of her symptoms have diminished, including her voice volume, which has normalized

I need to be cautious and intentional with my swallowing, and use yogurt or applesauce consistency to aid me to float the nutritional supplements that I take.

I was motivated to share this with you because of a 200 voice Parkinsons Virtual choir will be performing tomorrow… Saturday, November 7th (6:30pmCT/7:30pmET)

Karl Robb said, “Please spend an incredibly special 30-minutes to learn about this outstanding and motivating day! I hope that you will share this with anyone that you know who might need help with their speech and swallowing!”

I invite you to join me and my friends at Parkinson Voice Project (PVP) for a joyful celebration of a momentous achievement of their 15th anniversary! I have experienced tremendous benefit from the exercises and protocol developed by Samantha Elandary and her mentor, the late Dr. Daniel R. Boone.

Parkinson Voice Project’s 15th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 7th (6:30pmCT/7:30pmET) will consist of a 30-minute mini-documentary about how Parkinson’s affects speech and swallowing and what Parkinson Voice Project is doing to help.  The event will end with the performance of our “Global Virtual Choir” that consists of 225 people with Parkinson’s and their family and friends singing with INTENT!   

Click on this link for more information or to RSVP for this ONLINE event:  https://www.parkinsonvoiceproject.org/15thAnniversaryCelebration 


I have been trying to correct some errors on my blog, and have found random drafts that I never posted. I am trying to put them into categories and into the index, so there is a method to my madness.

I found two posts about swallowing that I thought were of value, so they are scheduled to come out in the next two days.

So, PLEASE forgive the randomness of the posts.

Author: suerosier

In May of 2018, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. After researching, I believe the symptoms began to manifest themselves years prior to last year. The purpose for my blog is to share what I have learned (with an index) to save others time as they seek for answers about, symptoms, therapies [and alternative things to try], tools I use, Parkinsonisms, recipes, strategies, clinical studies, words of encouragement or just enjoy the photos or humor.

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