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I just decided, we have had success in the past… but we haven’t used it for years! So, I have nothing to loose… and perhaps everything to gain! I never saw a need to take it, when John was ill, but I’m going to start in January of 2020.

In the interest of time, I am going to cut and paste from a letter I wrote to my grandchildren…..

  “It was March of 92 when your grandpa came into our upstairs bedroom where I was working on homework, sat on the side of the bed and began to tell me he had stumbled coming up the stairs.  I watched as he traced his hand across his face, saying, with slurred speech, “I feeel….”

And as he slumped on the bed.  I quickly found your uncles, Jon, Tom & Matt, who somehow managed to scoot, lift and carry your grandpa down the stairs and into the car, and we were off to the hospital.  The initial diagnosis was a stroke. He was in the hospital for ten days, receiving physical and speech therapy, intravenous potassium and coumadin therapy. When he came home, he was really weary, requiring frequent naps.  

      I graduated from MSSU in May of 92 with a degree in Elementary Education and endorsements K-12 in mild/moderate learning disabilities, severe disabilities, and behavior disorders.  Thinking I would need to be the breadwinner, and it was time to take John closer to his family, we began to think about another large move… to Utah.

      In June, John did a repeat crash, with another hospitalization.  The second time, however, he bounced back in half the time, and it was like whatever had been blocking in his brain had passed!  Plus he had a bit more energy, The doctors couldn’t agree on a diagnosis. Some said he was having TIAs i.e. transient ischemic attacks aka/mini strokes.  Others said he was experiencing compound migraine headaches with neurological side effects.

     The medical people had recommended John have all of his teeth extracted… We agreed, thinking his problems might stem from mercury poisoning from his teeth. 

      After we moved to Layton, Utah; John had more and more frequent immobilizing ‘spells’ with frequent trips to the VA hospital, where they tried all medicines the VA approved for migraines; nothing helped.

     Migraine is a term meaning headache of unknown origin.  We figured out some triggers, like loud noises, flashing lights and foods with MSG in them.  Before we moved from Layton to Payson, he was sometimes going down as many as three a day, with varying degrees of loss of function for up to three hours per ‘spell’.     

      I was relieved; it most likely wasn’t a stroke and I hadn’t made him ill, from the foods I offered.  Since two of our daughters had begun to have seizures about the same time grandpa became ill, I determined it must be related to chemical contamination.  Early in 93, Grandpa Rosier was in Davis Hospital with a deep thrombosis/blood clot. Soon after, the kids and I rushed him to the hospital, during a really bad episode… That is when the doctors told me to quit taking him to emergency rooms because they didn’t know how to help him, and it seemed to resolve on its own… over time, I questioned, ‘how would I know it wasn’t a stroke?’   The VA drs. acted like they thought I was the problem, (somehow fabricating or stress inducing) and said he HAD to be depressed, with everything going on.

      When I took your grandpa to one neurologist, he said, “I don’t know why you want it to be something serious.  If it were serious, he would be dead by now.” Soon I was using a video camera to document what happened when grandpa had a ‘spell’.  I took your grandpa to the Young Research clinic in Utah, where they tested his blood, but couldn’t find anything significant. By the time we moved into a friend’s basement apartment in Payson, your Grandpa Rosier had a constant headache.  I am SO glad I didn’t just give up… but continued to try various therapies. We tried various cleanses and essential oils and other supplements.  

     We finally found a blue algae supplement that claimed to target the bone marrow, releasing stem cells into the bloodstream.  The claim was also put forth that the stem cells would go to the part of a person’s body that needed repair. In 2005 when I asked your grandpa how his headache was, it was always bad (8-10).  As he began to use the Stem Enhance, after a few months he occasionally said ‘7’. Encouraged, he continued the supplementation, and the headaches gradually became more tolerable. I was excited, the first time he said ‘4’.  The first time he said, “You know, my head doesn’t hurt at all right now.” was in 2007 What I wrote in our Christmas epistle in 2007 was;  When John seemed to be having a better than average day, and I asked him, “On a scale of 1 to 10, where is your headache?”, he never reported lower than 4 during the past fifteen years.  But now, there are periods of time in each day, when he can honestly report he has NO Headache!  Now when the headache is at its worst, he reports, “It’s only at a 2”. He has so much energy, his blood sugars have normalized, he doesn’t require so much sleep, and he has been able to discontinue several medications.  Each month since starting StemEnhance he gets better and better. He has dropped 4 inches from his waist. With a sparkle in his eyes, and a zest for life, he teases and plays with the children… and looks great. “

    That isn’t to say his drop times were gone.  They still happened as we were moving to Florida in 2015, but the worst was over.

The doctor who we saw first, once we were settled in Florida, suggested that John try Topiramate. It was a drug not on the approved list of prescriptions available to the VA. None of the medicines the VA had tried John on gave him any relief. The Topiramate is normally prescribed for seizures, but John has experienced longer and longer times between his spells, so he just keeps taking it every evening.

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