Communication technology advances

This clip shows a man who experienced great success from DBS [Deep Brain Stimulation], BUT it also demonstrates a form of group therapy for increasing volume and articulation/slurring issues.

They also speak about the prohibitive out of pocket cost for therapy. This is another reason I am pursuing getting a SpeechVive device. A person can get assistance for the purchase thru insurance.

I have copied excerpts from about the product:

“The company’s primary product is a non-invasive, over-the-ear device that looks a lot like a hearing aid, but it’s a lot more than that. With SpeechVive, the device detects the patient’s speech and delivers a sound stimulus into the ear, which triggers the Lombard reflex and causes the patient to speak louder and more clearly.”

“Ninety percent of people who use SpeechVive get a significant benefit — 75 percent get the benefit immediately and another 15 percent need a few weeks of using the device before getting the full effect. There is also a free SpeechVive app for iOS that uses standard earbuds to test for the Lombar. response. The app allows people to see if SpeechVive will work for them before they buy it, and the company also has a “no questions asked” 60-day money back guarantee.”

“When people think of Parkinson’s, they think about the tremors, but one of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s is a loss of communication (89 percent) due to the patient’s inability to regulate their speech. To their friends and family they seem to be mumbling, or speaking too softly. As a result, people with Parkinson’s get interrupted and talked over, and this often leads to isolation and depression. SpeechVive, as the company moniker states, gives people with Parkinson’s their voice back by “Reviving Speech, improving lives”

I have an appointment with my Primary care Dr this coming Wednesday to get paper work signed for authorization. I intend to make progress reports, once I have my SpeechVive device. 🙂


A voice to be heard!

I went through the LSVT protocol, February of last year. Although the therapist said my hypophonia showed improvement, I admit, I have not been faithful in following thru with the shouting exercises… It makes me very uncomfortable to shout at people. even if they tell me I’m not shouting.

I saw the following post, made by a caregiver, on a community blog today…. and I am really intrigued:

“If for some reason such as dementia (as my husband has) LSVT LOUD isn’t going to work there is an alternative to LSVT LOUD. A device called Speechvive. fairly new about 2 years. It automatically plays a sound in your ear mimicking background noise when you speak causing you to talk louder and clearer without thinking about it. They are working with the VA and have started to get payments from Medicare. They do have a 60 day free trial period. Have excellent customer service. The device is programmed over your computer. May take some adjustments to get the sound level right but no need to remember cues etc. The website is

I think I shall pursue learning about it, just as soon as I have completed my 30 day commitment to participate in a double blind study for a promising approach to break down or dissolve the build-up of the protein (alpha synuclein) in the brain. 🙂