When it is difficult to swallow

[I borrowed this from the Achalasia Eats Blog]

I found this in the produce section of my grocery store & tried it tonight. Pasta can be hit or miss for me – sometimes doing the turn into a pasty glue wad thing. But with this, the “noodles” are butternut squash chips and each serving only has 2 g fat & 100 calories. I cooked them 10 minutes instead of 2 – 4 to make them softer. I also added some canned chicken (because quick, soft & protein).

It was surprisingly good! I liked it a lot and see it being a regular evening very quick go-to dinner. It also struck me this might be a good option for those looking to add more veggies or who are trying low-carb / keto. Apparently there is a dairy-free version, too!