Faith and works go hand in hand

A brother at the temple asked my husband about the name of the product I had referenced in my blog, that I credited with contributing to my husband’s recovery from a debilitating condition. As my sweetheart related their conversation to me, it seems he didn’t give a direct answer.

As I pondered his response I believe the answer can be found in his profound deep faith. As he endured the years of crisis and pain, he was promised in priesthood blessings that he would, in time, be well again . And he has recovered.

Despite our trust in the Lord’s ability to heal, we also believe the Lord has given us the council to use wisdom in all things. He expects us to strive to learn through our own study and take advantage of the things made available to us in our quest for health. I believe our Heavenly Father has provided many things in nature that will bring our bodies into balance. He also provided man with the gifts of intelligence, curiosity and perseverance enabling us to seek to discover and apply. I see it as part of our test… faith without works isn’t always enough.

Do I think Stem Enhance was the only thing we tried that he benefited from? No. I suspect some of the cleanses helped remove toxic chemicals from his body. But I could see a direct correlation between the time of product usage and the reduction and elimination if his debilitating headaches.

Likewise, as I begin to take the product, I will continue to use other protocols that I feel may be beneficial to my holding symptoms at bay. And I will not leave the power of priesthood blessings out of the equation.