6th… From Out-Thinking… neck and shoulders


Cranial Nerve 11 – “supplies specific muscles which tilt and rotate the head, and the trapezius muscle, which works the scapula, including for shoulder elevation and movement of the arm away from the body.”

“Neck and shoulder problems are extremely common  in PD. For example, “frozen shoulder” is a very common initial mis-diagnosis, as was the case for myself. The head and shoulder movements mentioned above are particularly difficult for PwP to access.”

……………………………..This article gave me new insight. Eight years ago I had been experiencing shoulder pain. After turning 65, and qualifying for insurance, I mentioned the discomfort with trying to lift my arm. The physician suspected rotatory cuff and sent me to physical therapy. I went, but didn’t see any benefit. Then, after moving to Florida, at age 68, I visited with a chiropractor who, using pressure points while rotating my arm, showed me how I could get pain relief. Although the fix was only temporary, it was appreciated.

Funny thing is… after receiving my diagnosis for Parkinson’s and experimenting with the keto diet and trying hemp oil from the health food store…both my TMJ and my shoulder pain went away… as well as the sores at the corners of my mouth (presumably a side effect of my drooling). I switched up my diet after loosing too much weight on the keto diet… and previously had quit using the hemp oil. The sores at the corners of my mouth have returned, but so far, neither the TMJ nor the shoulder pain. I count my blessings.