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I’ve been browsing through posts on MyParkinsonsTeam.. an on line support group and social network. I have cut and pasted a few of the positive comments that I found refreshing.

“For every problem the is some possible solution and for every negative there is a positive side…..always remember you are in control because only you can decide how to respond back…. remember too: NO PD or any disease can ever take that away from you! Do not let fear get in the way, do what you want to do now….I used to put off doing things because I felt they were too expensive, or I would want until I could find a better deal or wait until I am older and have more time—…NOT anymore, I got my priorities straightened out now and for that I thank God! I know for me, often I have to be down and out, and have fallen, which I often physical do -do-fall-just to see and remember to look up and see all I do have, and how blessed I truly am and that no PD nor any disease can take this away from me! 🙂 “


“At the time the kids were 6 & 8 years old and it was kind of hard for them to understand, Now at ages 21 & 23 they have gotten something positive out Parkinson’s; How to care for people and lend a hand when someone needs help.  The other Positive thing it had on my life was it showed me how strong I am.  This is a Disease that I refuse to give in to.”


“Research for yourself to know about this and tell the Doctors, Because they learn from us also. Most of all,]I know it’s hard When living each day, Don’t make this Disease take all of all your life. I try to keep it in the farthest part of my brain and not have it in the front to were it’s who I am. I don’t wake up and say I have Parkinson’s and go thru my day and talk about it, I use to and would take me down and people pushed away. My kids say to me your amazing you never stop, Doing stuff. Get a hobby, I play Guitar at night and paint on canvas to relax and keep my movement going, Remember a body at rest, Stays at rest. Fight this Demon as much as you can and show who’s the Boss.”

AND I liked this next blog post from ‘My Super Power’

Anxiety is not always Negative  PARKINSONS- MY SUPER POWER·FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019  This past week I attended a Parkinson’s meeting that was about “ Understanding Mental Health Complexities of Parkinson’s”.  Of course that wonderful mind of mine got into overdrive as I listened to the guest speaker talk about Anxiety, Apathy, and of course Depression. It all started with Anxiety. Sticking with previous articles and statements I have posted, that the human mind can think of 300 to 1000 words a minute and that 65% of these are negative, it seems the medical experts are no different in how they provide us with information.  How they present or say things to us usually make us think in the negative as well.

When I was first diagnosed my Neurologist suggested that medicine might improve my Quality of Life. When I asked him what was wrong with my quality of life at that time. He did not have an answer. Just that he thought the meds might be of help. However he did not know for sure. Yet that one thought, being implanted in my brain, could have caused me to doubt myself.  Anxiety , seems to be always shown as a negative. However Anxiety is just a means of how we respond and deal with stress. Stress can be caused by good or bad events that have or will happen to us. We can be just as stressed out on good things in our lives, as we can be about bad things!  Remember as children how excited and anxious we would be for Christmas and what Santa Claus would be bringing to us. That good anxiety would affect our sleep patterns and mood.  Looking forward to good things that are going to happen to us in the future IS ANXIETY! The reality however to us Parkies, is that our tremors or other Parkinson nuances don’t differentiate between the good or bad stress. Stress is stress and whether we are excited or not, our Parkinson’s will kick in. When that happens we start to over think. That overthinking can snow ball. It can create doubt. That doubt can lead to Apathy, and that Apathy can lead to Depression. Understanding that good stress can still activate our Parkinson’s however can be some what liberating to a degree and stop us from overthinking.  Any knowledge we can get of our opponent (Parkinson’s) can only help us in our battle. However being Positive over Negative while doing so, seems to me, to be Paramount!

“It is well with my soul”

I have compiled a few writings from other positive, upbeat Parkies. I’d like to take a survey. please type * 1, *2, *3, *4, or *5 on the comment below and let me know which excerpt resonates the best message. Thanks.

Ian Robertson wrote: * 1 “I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, BUT.. how others see your body mannerisms is the start of how they will perceive you, and you haven’t yet said a word. The start of being judged and or evaluated in life by others, whether it is sports, academia or by physical disorders, is usually done Visually. So to get someone to react positively to you it all starts by showing that you are someone positive to be around.”

  • 2 ‘And I think the message is:  Don’t ever let them make you think your life is over! Keep your calm wits about you, use your head, it’s NOT dead.’

Christine Bacon wrote:
* 3 “We do need to be as positive & proactive as possible or will get overwhelmed and ineffective in dealing with our bodies health issues. However it is a process, even a grieving process, for what we have lost and might loose. Everyone deals with this differently and in our own time.That is truth. And it takes time to work thru it all. Those who seem “less positive” or even negative need to be able to express some of those feelings to get to healthier thinking and then the ability to move forward. And better to be gently sympathetic, understanding and encouraging, lifting up. rather than critical & impatient, beating down One cannot be where he isn’t just because you or I think he should be there!. I personally am not at a place where I am thankful or feeling blessed about having PD. I struggle daily to be positive & to find the energy to act to do what I know I have to do to feel better. But I am certain God loves me & can use this for good, if I let Him. And I intend to eventually make peace with PD, but don’t think we will ever be friends!

Michael McCaughey wrote:
* 4 “…sound like I’m splitting hairs but I always cringe a little when I hear people say “I’m fighting Parkinson’s” or fighting cancer or whatever they’ve decided they don’t want. Anything you fight weakens you and anything you’re for empowers you. I am not fighting Parkinson’s, I am for a healthy body. I am for a healthy lifestyle. I focus on creating the best version of me. I want to know what you are for, not what you are against. Whatever we put our attention on grows. If all we think about everyday is Parkinson’s and how bad it is and fighting Parkinson’s and the terrible symptoms, that is what will grow in our experience. Choose to focus on the good in your life and that will begin to grow. Think of and focus on all the little things that we do that make us feel better. It’s different for everyone but it may be exercise, meditation, healthy diet, visiting with your grandchildren or even just counting the things that we are grateful for.”

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