How to breath

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What if I told you oxygen alone was the main ingredient to a more energetic, vital, vibrant physique? What if I told you proper breathing could transform your core state of health and you’ve probably been doing it wrong this whole time?

Every single day your body burns off somewhere near 700 billion dead cells. That’s right. 700 BILLION old cells. BILLION! With a B! PER DAY!

Believe it or not, breathing is our body’s main source of detox. When we are not accustomed to sufficient breathing, these toxic, dead cells linger in our bodies without an efficient way out. …….

The definition of food is essentially anything your body takes in to maintain life and growth, therefore oxygen is an essential food to your entire organic structure. Most of us suffer from what is called “futile breathing,” which translates to us getting about 1/4 to 1/5 of the oxygen our lungs were designed to hold. This becomes detrimental to the whole system. A system which requires our cells to be fully oxygenated in order to process food properly and give us the energy we need to sustain a comfortable quality of life.

The capacity at which you breathe is a direct mirror to how efficient your entire body is performing. Meaning, if you are only inhaling 1/4 of your lungs air capacity, your body is only functioning at twenty-five percent of it’s innate amplitude. Twenty-five percent! That’s it! As a result, your body begins to betray you in a number of ways: Your energy levels decrease, your body begins to fill out in places you’d rather it didn’t and your immune system suppresses leaving you vulnerable to illness.

Breathing correctly actually changes your body chemistry. Your cells have two modes…..

…. In case you didn’t know, the lungs are your body’s primary excretory organ for releasing weight. Eighty percent of weight loss occurs when fat is converted into carbon and released through the lungs. The other twenty percent is what we release through sweat, urine and feces combined.

Another important function of the body that suffers due to lack of oxygen, is your digestive system. When your cells are starved for air, they are inefficient in delivering nutrients, amino acids and vitamins to their proper destination. This is why some of us always feel hungry no matter how much food we consume.

The majority of us tend to breathe into our chests. When we do this, we are releasing adrenaline into our system which consequently slows down our digestion. By breathing directly into our bellies, our nervous system goes off-alert allowing our muscles to relax, our immune system to function and our digestion to regulate.

……. Here are a few breathing exercises to get started with:

1x4x2 breath: This one was created by Tony Robbins when he was overweight, in his 20’s, after picking the brains of several successful weight loss subjects to find out what their permanent weight-loss methods all had in common. Can you guess? Oxygen. It starts with counting how many seconds it takes you to inhale to your lungs full capacity, then holding your breath for that number x4. And lastly, exhaling x2. So if it takes you 3 seconds to fill your lungs with air, it would be 3 seconds in, hold for 12 seconds, release for 6 seconds. Do 10 of these 3 times a day for best results.

Slow and steady: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Do this laying down preferably, and relax. Slowly inhale deep into your belly and allow it to fill with air, while then expanding into your chest as you inhale as fully as possible. Then slowly release.

Alternate nostrils: Breathe into one nostril deep into the diaphragm while holding the other closed. Hold for 5 seconds, switch finger to the other nostril, holding it closed and exhale out the other.

There are tons of exercises out there, give them a try! ………….

My Essential Oil story

To explain my love of the essential oil of frankincense, I need to share a little of my history. In 1992 I was experiencing repeated urinary tract infections. It was determined I needed surgery to re-attach my bladder. Next thing I knew, while the doctors were working on fixing me, they had also removed my uterus, reporting it had been full of fibroid tumors. And then, they told me I would need to have annual mameograms because of the large number of fibroid tumors in my bosom.

I had just been introduced to essential oils, and more specifically, I’d learned that frankincense is anti-tumoral. Being pro-active, I began putting two or three drops of frankincense on the bottom of both feet each evening.

Why the feet, you may ask? Because the foot has the largest pores and I was given to understand the oils would be absorbed and disseminated to all the cells in the body within twenty minutes.

I was totally convinced… Frankincense is the reason, just a few years later the mameogram report was… “You have no fibroid tumors. You have the smoothest tissue I’ve seen”

In my search for brain health for people with Parkinsonisms I found the study below. I aim to begin applying essential oils to my feet again!

In studies performed in Vienna and Berlin Universities, researchers discovered that sesquiterpenes, a natural compound found in essential oils of Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent

Not all essential oils are created equal. Not all are cold pressed. Some are cut with harmful chemicals. or diluted. If you find a cheep version, you probably are not getting a good product.

I was recently invited to join a ‘shopping club’ with a focus on helping us save money while eliminating products that contribute to pollution. They focus on products for our health, our environment and our quality of life. I placed my first order last night. And I was delighted to see they have included essential oils in their product line. And I’d be delighted to send you an invite to join the ‘shopping club.’ If you want to know more, simply message me on the ‘contact form’ page.