DaTscan ordered

Pwp (people with Parkinson’s) keep telling me, if you don’t like your neurologist, fire him. I’ve been hoping third time would be a charm.

1st Neurologist said: ‘Take this medicine and I’ll see you in six months.’ The medicine made me ill (down in bed & throwing up) so I discontinued taking it.

I’d searched the internet about side effects of the medication and decided maybe I could control symptoms with exercise and mind over matter.

2nd Neurologist said: ‘Take the medicine.’ When I said; ‘no thank you. It made me ill.’ He said, ‘Then we can’t help you. Come back when you are ready to try it again.’

The 3rd Neurologist was asked to evaluate me for Myasthenia Gravis. He explained if I had energy in the morning, but lost energy as the day progressed, it would be suspect. But since I get up weary, he though I indeed do have Parkinson’s. BUT he ordered a DaTscan (possibly because I said I have ‘action tremors’ instead of ‘at rest tremors.’), although he ‘said’ he perceived at rest tremors.

People with PD will typically have a smaller signal in a part of the brain called the striatum, where the ends of the dopamine neurons are meant to be. Basically, a normal DaTscan would indicate a healthy dopamine system, whereas an abnormal DaTscan would indicate an unhealthy dopamine system.

#3 Neurologist took more time to explain WHY he felt I should try the originally prescribed medication again… also addressing strategies to minimize negative side effects.

#3 also said, “See you in three weeks“! Assuring me the visits will be frequent until my symptoms are controlled, and my life has returned to normal.

I KNOW! Sounds too good to be true. I’ve read the pros and cons… I’ve read no two PWP are alike. Some swear by the med… some swear about the med. Only time will tell which my body chooses.