In good hands

As I’ve visited with the medics implementing the guidelines of the study, without exception, have seemed to me to be: caring, supportive, conscientious professionals, with prior paramedic &/or emergency trauma experience. One even maintains a job in Lady Lake, going on ambulance runs on the weekends.

I saw the Study Doctor again for a brief evaluation. Besides listening to my lungs he asked how things were going… and I reported I get hungry in the night. During the night, I had helped myself to four snacks. They will most likely be putting increased appetite as a ‘possible side effect.’ Which may not be a negative for me, since my last home scale reading was 105.

I do have to observe times for when I eat. Breakfast can’t be closer than 1/2 hour after dosing, And The evening meal has to happen at least 3 hours before the evening dose… so dinner at 5 to 5:30 prior to dosing at 8:30. It is no wonder I am hungry later… We haven’t been in the habit of eating our dinner before 8:30. BUT I think part of it also is the diet. When on Ketogenic diet, I didn’t get hungry. But, there is so much starchy foods and sugars here, I get full, but not satisfied.

Tonight, I held out half of my tuna sandwich and cherry pie in ziplock baggie, and put it in our room for when I wake up at midnight, 2:30 & 4:30 and can’t go back to sleep, till I eat something.