Gift suggestions please

During the years John and I were ‘professional parents’ we had sixteen special people who, at various times, became one of our family members. We, and our children, have many fond memories which frequently come back to our remembrance. For instance… the first thing Debbie said, to anyone she met, every day of the year, and with great anticipation was… “Birthday’s coming up!!… May 25th!!”

Yesterday was Oct. 25th! And I realized it is just two months till another gift giving occasion arrives. On Christmas, Christians commemorate the gift of God’s Son, by the tradition of giving gifts to those we love. We all love to give gifts, and although some may say they don’t want to receive… I believe, on some level, everyone has a need to receive a gift. It doesn’t need to be wrapped in a package with a pretty bow, to be appreciated. It doesn’t even need to cost a lot to be appreciated… For example, a grandson wrote a poem, in tribute to his grandfather, and framed it as a gift for Father’s Day. It was heartfelt, touching and brought tears to our eyes. (Happy tears)

Still… I’m running short on ideas… With over 30 ‘big people’ and over 24 younger people that I’d like to gift to… Perhaps I can recall some stories from the past that I can share with them? PERHAPS you will have a suggestion you’d like to share with me?

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