Just say’n … falling with grace

Carol Moczygemba began a blog in 2016. She only made four posts in her blog… This is the one which got my attention: “My mobility is further constricted by a broken collarbone, owing to a fall last week. For a split second I got distracted from where I was placing my feet, and tripped. I’ve fallen before, every time thankful for no concussion, no broken bones. But this time I wasn’t so lucky.”

Karl Robb in a blog post this week speaks of ‘urgency for communication for a series of obvious reasons when it comes to an unpredictable neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease.’

On January 8th I wrote, in response to an inquiry: “Hi neighbor! I had my second fall, exactly 6 weeks after the first. This time I was in the kitchen, stepped back taking something out of the microwave, lost my balance,fell against the island on wheels, which rolled allowing my downward spiral. My bruised hip is still a little sore, but no permanent damage.”

As I notice a failure to continue to communicate, from other pwP, I wanted to assure you, my readers… Although I hold out hope for stem cell regeneration, (I began taking Stem Enhance Jan.22, 2020) I’ll make sure a loved one knows how to make an entry in my blog, so in the event I develop a problem, they will keep transparency going.