My Wolfpack

From ‘The Perky Parkie’s blog

“Something Healthy Parkies Do … They beef up their PD Wolfpack.

A healthy Parkie knows that Parkinson’s doesn’t impact one person… So why would you try to deal with it solo? Your PD Wolfpack is a group of people (or pets) that you can rely on when you’re Parkinson’s is acting like a butt-head.  Keep your pack strong, so you always have someone to fall back on when you need support… or just someone to howl at the moon with.”

I posted a YouTube clip of John and I riding the Rhoades Car (tandem bicycle) onto YouTube:

I mentioned My husband , daughter & three oldest grandchildren we live with are being my Wolfpack.   Then, when I went to Church this past Sunday, three of my ‘sisters’ who had viewed the clip said,  “I WANT to come and ride with you!”  Yea, my wolfpack is growing.

Chris Spann, an honorary member of my wolfpack, the owner of Rhoades Car, said he loves helping people get out and move and has custom designed different Rhoades Car over the years for adults and children with mobility challenges.  At my request he has offered: “ANYONE when requesting information mentions Sue Rosier or code # 1084 will qualify to receive a 25% discount on the purchase of a Rhoades Car.”                            You may visit them at:  or email:

You probably have seen the research on the benefits of forced exercise…

I think I have discovered a way to overcome the concerns of comfort and balance on a bicycle while adding an element of fun and social ability.  It also helps that we have a solar panel which keeps batteries charged, to enable us to use a power assist when going up an incline.

I loved the blog entry (by the former owner) which is equally validated by Chris.