Straighten Your Crown!

When a doctor evaluates a person with Parkinsonian symptoms, they ask questions to evaluate the person’s mental health; to determine if we are experiencing a loss of ability to think, remember or reason and confirm we are are in touch with reality. Don’t let them intimidate you.

We are HIS children!

Redefine yourself, if you don’t already know… You are literally a spiritual child of a loving Heavenly Father. Thank Him for each day.. and pray:

“Lord, help me be the kind of person, who, when their feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says, Oh, NO! they are up!”

AND then seek to do something nice for someone else.
“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God” (Mosiah 2:17).

Quest for more than balance … Harmony

     My niece, Wendy Andrews, once taught me a principle which I would like to share with you.      She suggested we should replace our goal of becoming balanced, to a goal to create a life of harmony.  She explained:

     When two or more objects are equal… and placed on a balance scale, you observe balance.  Then what?  What does that balance create?  Does it now become stagnant, unmoving or dead in it’s desire to continue to progress?  We may have the goal to stay balanced, but for how long, before one will become bored?


     Now, imagine the same orchestra… but there are many small groups playing many different kinds of instruments.  Within those small groups, are smaller groups who have different parts to be played at different times and with different intensity levels.  Then, all those groups play a musical piece together.  If done correctly, you have harmony.  If not all are looking at and following the conductor, or are not on the same page of the musical piece, or didn’t practice for many hours individually, and together, you could have much disharmony. 

     Imagine an orchestra where all the instrumentalists played the same instrument, and played the same note, at the same intensity and at the same time.  That would be boring… but it would be balanced.

     Does harmony ever become stagnant and boring?  I would suggest… NO.  In harmony, you are constantly changing your role in creating that harmony from moment to moment.

     We are each like prized instruments.  There is no one else exactly like you.  You were lovingly made by your Creator, and He made you so unique…

  There is no way anyone could ever put a price on your worth, your value and your abilities.

     In your life, you are constantly creating a musical piece.  You practice individually, and you practice with different groups.  One group may be your family with whom you currently live… or your extended family, close friends, or acquaintances at school.  It may be peers in your career…  peers who share hobby interests, civic concerns, health concerns or religious values.  Each contributes to the song. Each has a different harmony.  Your part in each association is different, but never the less, important.  Without your part the song wouldn’t be the same beautiful song that it has the potential to be.  The more you practice, the more beautiful the song becomes.  Some times the tempo changes.  Sometimes two songs are combined… and rarely is a song ever perfected.  It just has the potential for perfection.

The possibilities for harmonizing are endless… What is the name we call this song, as we live the musical piece?  We call it… ‘LIFE.’     

  Over the past years, John and I have been on a quest to find solutions to puzzling health challenges for our family.  We want to share what we have learned

Be Transformed

I met Omotola through ‘The Invigorated Community’ … an online community for Parkies and their care givers. I loved her post.

Imagine you are a caterpillar. Imagine going through the most difficult and transformative period of your life where your body releases enzymes that break down and dissolve  your own body parts, and then reconstitutes them into new parts.

Now, imagine you survived that painful and grueling process, and you are now waiting patiently inside your chrysalis. As you wait, you observe others who went through a similar process, emerge from their chrysalises with stunning wings. You smile, knowing that in a matter of days, all the pain you endured would be worthwhile because you too will emerge with wings and finally fly.

The day is finally here! You are free from the confinement that tortured you and held you prisoner. You hurriedly exit and run to the nearest mirror to observe the color of your wings, and to your ABSOLUTE HORROR, your reflection reveals you haven’t changed, you are still a caterpillar – an old, angry, wrinkled caterpillar. What an atrocity!

As unfair as it seems, the same atrocity is likely to befall those of us who believe that for our circumstances to change, everything and everyone around us must first change. We fail to realize that inside the chrysalis (i.e. our struggles), the change that bears the most consequence is that of the caterpillar (i.e. us). As a result, we are unwilling to release the enzymes that could possibly break down our dogged philosophies, fixed mindsets, and preconceived notions. We stay bitter, jealous, unforgiving, unyielding and angry, forgetting that the window of opportunity for radical transformation could shut at any time.\

Don’t just go through adversity, allow yourself to be transformed through it… only then, can you emerge with wings.

Thank you, Omotola, for your words of inspiration