A voice to be heard!

I went through the LSVT protocol, February of last year. Although the therapist said my hypophonia showed improvement, I admit, I have not been faithful in following thru with the shouting exercises… It makes me very uncomfortable to shout at people. even if they tell me I’m not shouting.

I saw the following post, made by a caregiver, on a community blog today…. and I am really intrigued:

“If for some reason such as dementia (as my husband has) LSVT LOUD isn’t going to work there is an alternative to LSVT LOUD. A device called Speechvive. fairly new about 2 years. It automatically plays a sound in your ear mimicking background noise when you speak causing you to talk louder and clearer without thinking about it. They are working with the VA and have started to get payments from Medicare. They do have a 60 day free trial period. Have excellent customer service. The device is programmed over your computer. May take some adjustments to get the sound level right but no need to remember cues etc. The website is speechvive.com

I think I shall pursue learning about it, just as soon as I have completed my 30 day commitment to participate in a double blind study for a promising approach to break down or dissolve the build-up of the protein (alpha synuclein) in the brain. 🙂


She found me! …

The tables have turned. A fellow blogger, doing research, found my blog post on Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) and has taught me about Achalasia.

Achalasia is a heterogeneous [ diverse in character] disease categorized by various intensities of esophageal contractions.

When Terri was first diagnosed with Achalasia, she was told she would need to stick to a liquid diet for a while. Not only was she limited to a liquid diet but she was also limited to consuming 6- 8 ounces of liquid every 2 hours.

After Terri had surgery,she discovered that she would be limited to a mechanical soft food diet permanently. A mechanical soft diet is made up of foods that require less chewing than in a regular diet.

[Slightly better than] A puréed diet is made up of foods that require no chewing, such as mashed potatoes and pudding. Other foods may be blended or strained to make them the right consistency.

Terri states: “I belong to several Achalasia and Healthy Eating support groups on Facebook and have been saddened and overwhelmed by the frustration people experience trying to find food to eat much less healthy food to eat. Not everyone has supportive friends and family. And to be honest, I have not heard of anyone else being gifted recipes. So… I will share the recipes I was given as I try them. And on bad days where I have to go back to liquid for a while? I will share those liquid diet / pureed recipes, too.

“I know everyone with dysphagia – whether from Achalasia or some other issue – will have problems with different things. I know that what works today may make you choke, aspirate or regurgitate tomorrow. But these recipes I was gifted, I gift to you. They are not set in stone. They were shared to help me live my best life and I share them in turn to help you also live your best life.

THUS, I am sharing Terri’s site https://achalasiaeats.wordpress.com/recipes/ with my readers: ‘follow’ her, to gain recipes as they become posted.